Creative + Trend fashion
= Cooling summer

A fan can plug in mobile phones & tablet PC, portable to carry,
accompany you with a cool summer
Super strong wind
ultra silent blowing

Small fan with big wind, let’s fall in love with summer;
Durable soft fan blades bring you gentle breeze.
Fresh always with you
Imagining you are stuck at the airport, waiting endlessly for
your plane to arrive. You are hot and bored, so you whip out
your mobile device and start watching a video. Oh, how you
wish you had some circulating air while you watch your movie!
Mini and light
easy to carry around

The whole body only 15g, mini fan can be taken apart,
be easier to taking around when you are working,
traveling and shopping....
Summer magic fan
enjoy your cooling

Softness fan blades
Eco-friendly material.

Environmental TPE as raw material, with the feature of softness
and no hurt to your hands when unexpected touch.
Plug and play, no driver installation
required.Powered by mobile phone port
low power consumption

Attention Please
For Micro USB Port, it needs your
mobile devices with OTG function